Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick Daze

  Oh boy. I swear, we've all been sick since September.  I HATE having sick kids. Especially sick Carissa - she is the worst sick baby I've ever heard of!! Well, both the kids (and both of us) had bad colds 4 weeks ago that lasted about two weeks. I took Carissa in for it and she had an ear infection. She took the antibiotics and finished those up last Tuesday. Well, Monday I took her in and - op - another ear infection!! Tuesday, she was DRAGGING. Lethargic, really. So bad that I had to call Jaden home to help me with the kids from his staff meeting. That's the first time I've had to call him home but I couldn't handle it any more. She would not let me set her down and he wanted all the attention too! Anyway, Jaden and I ended up taking her to the dr. again Tuesday night because she was having labored breathing... Sure enough - poor girl has pneumonia. :( They gave her two shots of strong antibiotics and sent us home (they didn't want her in the hospital out of fear for her contracting something worse). After we were home a while, she started doing much better. We did have to check on her every half hour, so we took shifts holding her on the couch/recliner and setting our phone alarm to wake up and check her every half hour. What a restful night sleep!!

Went in yesterday and had both kidos checked. Dr. likes the progress she is making and we got to switch to oral antibiotics. Drew should be free and clear of pneumonia and just has a bad cold. Soooo you'll never guess who ended up feeling slightly sick yesterday and then even worse this morning??? Yep - Jaden and I both. Go figure!! So, anyway, stay away from our sick house. I think we will be quarantined for a while! :)

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