Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen -- We have a Walker!

  Oh boy! Lots happening at the Thomas Household the past few days. This is night 2 of Drew sleeping with his bed rail (to keep him from falling out of bed) down. Maybe we can do away with it for good just on time for Disney World?!
  Carissa was up last night a' screamin' and I couldn't understand why -- molars!! Two bottom ones coming in right as the I-teeth on top are finishing up their grand entrance. Great. Sleepless nights this week cause of teeth and next week cause of Drew's eye surgery... Ohhhh. In two weeks -- I WILL NEED A BREAK. Promise. Beginning the 30th (that's the first day with nothing on the calendar post-surgery) I may take a 'leave of absence' for at least a few days. :)
  Anyway, and then, Little Carissa decides tonight to start taking steps without holding on to anything!! She's been doing great holding on to stuff (pretty much running) but tonight, she let go. She and Drew (probably even more so Drew) are getting the BIGGEST kick out of it. Pretty cute! Video footage of that to come - probably after my leave of absence. :) Ha. -- Yeah right, those of you who know me know that will probably be a few hours, not days.
  AND we also got our new fingerprinting appointment for the adoption. New date: April 6th. Once that is done, we will be waiting for clearance from the USCIS and then we will turn in our dossier to Holt and it gets sent off to Ethiopia and we will be 'on the list'. Then, we will be officially waiting. :) Can't wait (well, can wait to wait, but...).
  And with all that, checking out for a little movie time with the hubby. Time to unwind for a bit, as one cup of coffee this morning just didn't cut it and I now have a HUGE headache!

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