Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Paper Pregnancy

So, they say adoption is a paper pregnancy. I think I agree. :) Two nights ago, we got our official letter of acceptance in to Holt's Ethiopia Adoption Program. We had already talked to the workers at Holt and be 'unofficially' accepted but this was our formal acceptance letter. Well, to me, that's like a positive pregnancy test. It's a yep - your in. :) What do you know, just like my previous two pregnancies, I spent the following day puking my brains out! Ha. I had the stomach flu (along with Drew). Blah. Anyway, I have also heard adoptive mom's sometimes gain weight (NOT this one!!!), experience the baby blues, etc. Too funny.

Anyway, our big endeavor right now is saving up for the home study. I had a job interview at Sylvan Learning Center for a tutoring position part time. I'll put all of the money from all of the pay checks in our adoption account and, as soon as we get all of the money for the home study, we'll be able to begin that process.

Also, today, I started organizing our first fundraiser. It will be a Tastefully Simple Party in January. But, the catalogue/online ordering will begin tomorrow (and run through January). I know I'll be ordering some Christmas gifts! Yumm!! Many of their products are very delicious.

I'll keep you all posted when I get more information on more fundraising efforts!

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