Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Weekend

Wow. Jaden had last week off and what a fun time we had! It was great having him around. Plus, Thursday - Sunday we went back to Milwaukee to visit family. It was great. Got to see a lot of our family and friends - some who we haven't seen in quite a while. So, it was super fun. Plus, we got to go to our old church and that was neat too - to see everyone there that we've missed quite a bit. And now we are home -- grocery shopping and cleaning day here!! :)

As far as the adoption goes -- we are now in the process of saving up the $2780.00 required for the home study. Once the home study is paid for and then completed, we can apply for grants and see what comes our way that way. Some friends have asked if we have a 'fund' for people to make donationsaveling our two trips to Ethiopia. I have been hesitant to start a 'fund' because they do charge a fee (a certain % of the total donations made) and I just feel like it may be easier for people just to send donations directly to us. If you feel moved to send any money at any time in this process, we will gladly accept it and promise to use it only for the adoption process - whatever step of the process we are at during the time you send it.

Thanks everyone. Keep praying for God's hand in this and the support we need to keep it up and get it moving!! :)

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