Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Oh how I love my children.  My boy is very special to me - not that he is any more or less special to me than my girls (yep, I consider our little girl in Ethiopia mine already) - but he is my boy - my first child - and he is super awesome.  My little man is getting a do-over. Last year, he/we had a very rough go at kindergarten.  It was just all around a not-good fit for us.  Our whole little family struggled through the school year, but about half way through, I realized he deserved a second chance at it.  He is now 6 years old and is in - what we refer to around here as Sr. Kdg.  He is getting a do-over.  As I worked on academics with my smarty-pants over summer, I have to admit, I second guessed our decision to have him repeat kdg.  He is now just a bit above (academically) probably every kid in his class this year.  But lately, I've been rereading "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson.  I keep thinking about how kids (and adults) can be really mean sometimes.  He is going to get picked on - we all do.  By having him be one of the oldest (and thus probably also biggest) boys in his class, we are giving him that extra year to get there.  We are giving him that extra year to figure out more of life - what is important, what is not.  How to handle different situations - being picked on, forgiveness, peer pressure, etc.).  We are putting him at an advantage, probably for now and definitely for the future.

My little man is getting a do-over.  It makes me think of some things I'd love a do-over on!!!  It makes me wonder if Ryan Braun would like a few do-overs?  Perhaps we ALL would love multiple do-overs?!  It also makes me thankful that God's grace and mercy and forgiveness grant us all do-overs.  Each day is a new day in His eyes and I am so, so thankful for that.  Each day we have a little advantage and a little opportunity to once again grow closer to Him and not take for granted His do-overs that He so freely gives to us each day.

Here is my little man on his first day of Sr. Kdg.  I gotta tell you - he is certainly the most handsome little boy in class!!

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