Friday, July 26, 2013

No News is Not Always Good News

After my post yesterday, I decided to email our agency for an update on our case. Turns out no news is not always good new - sometimes it is NO news. :(  I don't want to get too specific about things on a public blog but I will share that, for some reason (not sure why) the event that needs to happen next for our case to move forward is not even on the books yet. This means, if it is not scheduled by Aug. 6th (when the Ethiopian courts close for 6-12 weeks due to rainy season) that it can't even be scheduled until they reopen. I was pretty devastated to get that news yesterday. This puts us back for both trips quite a bit. If courts reopen in October, I am guessing our first trip won't be until November or December. That means we won't get our girl home until February AT THE EARLIEST - I'm guessing, at this rate - probably even quite a bit later than that.

I am crushed that I won't be able to meet my girl before hers and my birthday. I am crushed that she is getting older and I am missing days upon days from her life. I am crushed that the older she gets, the more challenging the adjustment to her new forever family. I am crushed that my two biological children have to contain their excitement to get their baby sister home for even longer. 

This means that, unless we hear that this next step has been scheduled before August 6th, we will hear no other news until the courts reopen (6-12 weeks after August 6th). Please refrain from asking me "how the adoption is going" or "if we've heard any news" during the month of August and September. I will tell you all when I hear anything. We most certainly will NOT hear a thing for many, many weeks and my heart needs some time to get over this. I know people mean well, but I just can't take it for awhile. I know things could be worse and I know His plan and His timing prevails. I get that. But right now, I need to just sit in this yucky place.


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