Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Much New...

There is not much new... Just realizing I haven't posted in a while!

Tomorrow, it will be 2 months since our dossier was accepted and we officially started our LONG waiting process. A month or so, I got an email from a friend we met in our adoption classes. They are adopting from Ethiopia too, same agencies, same ages requested - only difference is that they are 4 months further along on the wait-list then we are. She emailed our agency asking for an update on how long the wait 'might' be for them yet... The response was that they are now estimating wait times from dossier submission to a referral (picture) to be 9-12 months - and on the longer side of that estimate for those requesting a child under the age of 1. Yikes!

And then today we got an email from our agency that there is one orphanage in Ethiopia that they are no longer able to be affiliated with. They had no clue, yet, how this would impact wait times, but I'm certainly guessing it won't speed things up at all.

Well, the past two months haven't been HORRIBLE. But they also haven't been fun (when it comes to the waiting aspect). I would imagine that, as time passes, they will become even LESS fun.

I'm really thankful for my two little ones to keep me busy as we are waiting. I remember trying and trying to get pregnant with Drew (it took a little over a year-and-a-half). It was really difficult because I wanted, more than ANYTHING to be a mommy. Well, it finally happened. Now, I have my two little ones and they keep me so busy, sometimes I can't imagine how I'll keep up with three - or some day - four?! Anyway, I'm grateful to have these two to cherish while I wait.
See what I mean?...

Also, please don't forget our Cousins Fundraiser this Thursday the 7th from 4-9pm! We are hoping many of you can make it out for some delicious food benefiting a good cause (if you consider our adoption a good cause. :) ). Should be fun and TASTY! :)

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SaraLyons said...

I'm pretty bummed about the email today as well, trying hard to stay positive and hope for the best.