Wednesday, April 20, 2011


  I should have been more specific in the last post - by this time next week, we should be on the wait list for baby #3 IF we have the $3000.00 dossier fee by then. I am totally counting on the Lord to provide this. I knew that probably multiple times in this journey that would be the issue -- we'd be ready to take the next step but the money wouldn't be there... It's ok though. I have a real peace that it will be there in just the time He puts in there so we can get that dossier sent in and be ON THE WAIT LIST!
  Being on the waitlist means soooo much to me. It makes the whole thing real. It means that - ANY DAY - we could get to see a picture of our next child -- the child that has already filled up so much of my heart!! Realistically, it won't be any day. We receive frequent updates from our agency lately because of all the changes being made to the Ethiopia adoption process (that all make the wait time for a referral significantly longer) that make my head spin. But God knows the time for us and I just can't wait. Once I see that picture, oh boy! (Or girl?) I just CAN'T WAIT.
  I'm so thankful to God for this calling He has placed on our hearts and this desire to help there be one less orphan in the world. I'm confident in this call and (as I think I've mentioned) I CAN'T WAIT to travel to Ethiopia and meet our little one. I will miss our little ones here when we travel but Drew is super excited to meet his little brother or sister from Africa (he still INSISTS that we are getting a big boy and a little girl - but I have to burst his bubble - 1 at a time for us, I guess). And it will be so worth it. This will add to not only our story, but each of our children's stories as well. And that is awesome.
  So, please pray with us that God will provide the money so we can send in this dossier and get on the wait list (looking to be like 9 months as of right now, but that can change big time at any time) asap and bring our baby home! ONE more time -- I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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