Monday, October 25, 2010

Where to Start

Today was a good day. Little Drew got to wear his Buzz Lightyear Costume to school (and the wings/rocket pack) and was in full "Buzz Mode" when I dropped him off. So cute and so much energy. We went and got him a kids' Bible the other day (the NIV version was getting a little intense for his 3 year old brain) and tonight, he said, "Mom, you need to read me my new Bible. I love my new Bible!" It was great. Such a sweet heart my boy has. I'm grateful for that.

On the adoption front... The first step is to pay the application fee to both the local agency and Holt International. We do have the money already to pay both of these fees, but we don't have the $26,000 left to get us through the rest of the process. The first $1000 is non-refundable... Do you see my hesitation here? But I can't help but feel that God put this baby (who I don't even know yet) on both of our hearts. Even if it takes 4 years to come up with the money, it's worth it. I remember trying to decide if we should have Carissa (#2) and someone said, might as well, you'll never say, 'That was dumb, shouldn't have had that one.' That's kinda how I'm feeling about this baby. I don't think I'll ever say, after 2 trips to Ethiopia and seeing the poverty and AIDS and orphans out there, never should have brought this baby in to our family. Yeah right. I CAN'T WAIT to meet this little one. I know we won't regret it. So, even though it's a lot of money, God will provide it - in His time - in His way. And that is exciting. So, I guess we do it. We put down the initial fees and, considering it's a 'pay-as-you-go' sort of process, we'll go as we can afford to pay. Trusting all the way.

We went to a fundraiser tonight at a restaurant in the area for another family that is adopting a baby from Florida. They have applied for lots of grants, and while it looked like some were going to work out, they've fallen through so they are trying to fund-raise a large chunk of the cost. It was super great to meet them. Their baby will be born at the end of November and you could see the eagerness in their faces. So neat. We are hoping to sit down with them next week sometime to discuss what has worked well for them as far as fundraising and what hasn't. They have a passion for sharing their process once it is complete, and I'm guessing that will be pretty helpful to us. And it's super to see another couple going down their own journey. Very neat. After all, it was their flyer for a different fundraising venture that was one of the first clues I saw that this was also what we were being asked to do. It was a privilege to go and support them tonight, even in just that little way.

Also had our church small group tonight. It was super. We are very blessed to have to have these people in our lives - especially right now. It's amazing the connection I feel to everyone in our group and I'm really grateful for that too.

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